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the mistakes I make in anger

Someone has been trying to get under my skin lately and it has invoked some aggressive thoughts in my head
I didn’t realize how much I allowed my anger to take control of my thought process that I spent a good deal of the afternoon obsessing over how to get back at this person
That’s when I realized I had wasted a day off and it was now too late to play the drums in the basement
I let this douche deprive me of an afternoon of playing the drums

This is not me saying that I feel unjustified at being angry at this fuckass
I just can’t do anything about it and therefore need to quit obsessing over it and causing me to lose focus
Let’s not get all hippie and start talking about positive vibes and “peace n’ groovy faces everywhere”
I would still use any resource I could to fuck this guy back

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Almost let a personal grudge distract me from my work
Got over it and am out tonight flyering at GZ

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Rockula’s advice for the irresponsible over-thinker

Yet another revalation in my latest series of introspective moments has happened
The shape it has taken is the form of a small notepad
Not to catch all of the clever ideas and feelings and all that crap
We artists like to fantasize that our notebooks will end up in some museum or purchased for millions of dollars becaise of all the pearls of wisdom contained therin
Nope, this is the type of notepad that my father tried to force upon me when I was younger
“Make a list” he would always say
I associated that stuff with school and rejected this way of thinking as the anal retentive ways of a man who spent his time looking for mistakes in computer code punched through paper cards
After all, I was a free spirited artist and was going to make my way by the seat of my pants
All I needed to do was ...

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Why I can’t seem to hate music (but I’m really starting to resent KISS)

I just read a blog from a guy named Carl King who used to be “Sir Millard Mulch” and might still be “Dr Zoltan Obelisk” but I can’t tell because of his last post
He makes the most amazing music that Hank Hill would certainly call “Gobeldygook”
His blog was entitled “Why I hate music” and it detailed his life of alienation as a result of embracing “outsider” music (in this blog, mainly Steve Vai but I know he also loves Zappa)
You can read it here

I feel a kinship with him on so many levels so I am writing this as a response (hopefully he will read it and respond since I have tried many times to correspond but to no avail)

WHY I CAN’T SEEM TO HATE MUSIC (bit I’m really starting to resent KISS)
part 1

My first memeories are of loving music
I c...

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That’s one opportunity I just wasn’t gonna miss

I have known for a while that Thrill Kill Kult and Lords of Acid were playing at GZ
I have also known that I was playing GZ in August
Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to go flyer the show until umm…….9:30pm
That’s when I saw SJ post a picture of the line outside of GZ
“Wow, I thought to myself, that sure is a lot of people just sitting in one place. Too bad I’m not flyering there”
That’s when I decided I was not going to regret not flyering by hauling my ass to the uptown Kinkos and printing out 200 sheets of 4 part handbills
I quickly cut them up and headed for GZ
I started to notice the additional buzz of adrenaline and remembered what it felt like to be excited to be going out and interacting with people
Thankfully, I walked right up as Chuck was at the door
He let me in and I started han...

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self congratulatory assessment

I am not one to shy away from telling almost everything to the people who read my blogs but I try to make sure to keep some things to myself
I may tell you a story that makes my ex girlfriend cry when she reads it but then I can’t tell you things most would find trivial but I find very personal
Seeing a therapist has caused me to take my emotional well being very seriously and it has caused me to pay attention

Because of this newfound enthusisam for fixing myself, I have accomplished some goals that I knew I could and some I didn’t
I try not to be too self congratualtory but here’s what I have accomplished in the last 2 months after seeing a therapist:

-Confirmed gig at Ground Zero Aug 27th, one in the works for Zombie Pub Crawl
– New memeber of PyroPlasticFlow as well as mallet percussio...

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Rasputina 7/19/2010 Varsity Theater + video shoot

Rasputina has the distinction of “being there for me” during a time in my life where I was trying to search for a way to stay relevant
Kat burned copies of “Frustration Plantation” and “Cabin Fever” when I was on tour with the fucking Von Ehrichs and it was a welcome distraction from the hell I was having to endure on that tour

I had listened to Rasputina before but those albums were pretty standard (although better than most) goth
These two albums had very interesting electronic tracks
It wasn’t the garden variety, bludgeon you over the head, NIN/Ministry type of electronics
This was subtle texture
It immediately started my wheels turning when thinking of a way to part from the tradition of 20th century electronic music
Those two albums are what I put in the category of “headphone albums”

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Saloon Playlist 7/13/2010

Since Rasputina is the following Monday I decided to feature them

Dwarf Star/Leechwife/State Fair/All Tomorrow’s Parties- Rasputina
All Tomorrow’s Parties/I’m Waiting for the Man- The Velvet Underground
Levity Ball- Alice Cooper
Astronomy Domine- VoiVod
3 Days- Jane’s Addiction
I’m Going Home- The Necro Tonz
Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show- Blue Peter
Transylvanian Concubine/Momma Was an Opium Smoker/Brand New Key- Rasputina
Love Is a Stranger- Eurythmics
Love is Nothing- Venus DeMars
Undercover of the Night- The Rolling Stones
Rock N Roll/Antique High Heeled Red Doll Shoes/Possum of the Grotto- Rasputina
Destination Unknown- Missing Persons
The Kids in America- Kim Wilde
Wishing- Flock of Seaguls
Mr X- Ultravox
Me! I Disconnect from You- Gary Numan
Fire and Ice/Rats/Sweet Wat...

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RU High? Minneapolis July 2010

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Chaka Ckaka Minneapolis July 2010

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