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noise gig update

looks like the place is called “fecal manor” 3032 17th ave s
no idea if there is a cover
no idea when it starts
Sat the 10th

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that’s $100 the city won’t get from me

I say this to everyone who gets a ticket
It is ALWAYS a good idea to show up for the court date
I have yet to have the officer show up for my hearing
It happened again today
That doesn’t mean I can just go out and spend that $100
The satisfaction of foiling “The Man” is enough

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PPF noise gig on Sat

Emil from Cock ESP has added me to a noise show on Saturday the 10th
All I know right now is that Seth is running it and it is South of lake & 17th
I will put up more info when I get it

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damn you copy protection

All I wanna do is rip some movies to my hard drive so that I can put them into my show
Is that so wrong????
It seems that every other idea I have during the production of show #8 ends up a dead end because the DVD won’t allow me to rip it (or the disc has gone bad)
I need a better ripping program

I finished the barrage edit and finally decided on a film for the feature segment
At leat 45 minutes is already mapped out on the timeline
All that is left to do is host segments and titles/credits

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barrage edit finished

I have been working with Windows Movie maker for about a year now and have pretty much used it as a cut and paste tool
When I see video edits that use lots of filters and effects, I generally don’t see good ideas to go along with it
I feel that the source material should be interesting in the first place
You should “assist” the idea with editing to manipulate pacing and to alter or re-enforce the context of the idea
I see the function of editing as punctuation and/or rythmic timing than trying to dazzle the viewer with cool swirly effects
Apart from that, I use the simple fade in/out and that’s it

I had noticed something happening when I was moving fragments of video around on the time line
A graduating blue indicator appeared and I didn’t really know what that meant so I just ignored it a...

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wow, I didn’t know it could do that

Just found a really cool feature on Windows movie Maker.
Evidently, you can overlap two clips
Already using it for the next barrage edit

Off to Markos BBQ

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The Decade in Review Part 11

I will try to figure a way to post the previous blogs sometime soon
Until then, go to

I was dreading the move out of the apartment
Obviously, I was going to have to help Laura move into her new place too and it proved to be a huge exhausting clusterfuck (as usual)
Not only that, but I knew the finality of it would hit her as soon as she saw the empty apartment
It did and it was real tough

One of the things I wished I didn’t have to leave behind was my job at Larry Morgan’s
I was shocked when that grizzled old man who had just told me he was going to shove his foot up my ass only days earlier said “You don’t really have to leave do you?”
I started to g...

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