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The Rockula Update 9/11/2010

I have to write this from the library because my internet at home has been taken away
This is alright because the library is very close to the house and I need to quit rotting on the internet but I sometimes need info in real time
Guess my list writing skills will have to develop further so that I may use my time more efficiantly when I am here

The big news is that I am not officially sick anymore, although that doesn’t mean my allergies have stopped
My muscles are still a bit weak and sore so I will try an exploratory bike ride soon
The constant sneezing and wiping and sleeping with my mouth completely open has also made my lips real dry and chapped
So much that they are bleeding, which makes me wanna hide from the world for an even longer period of time

Speaking of sleeping with my mouth...

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Man, did I get hit hard this year by the flu bug
A couple of weeks of allergy attacks had softened me up
Friday afternoon comes along and the muscle aches normally associated with endless sneezing start getting deeper
Just when I had gotten out of that phone room full of sick old people who sneezed in their hands and then refused to use hand sanitizer (“I can’t stand the smell” they say when I hand them the pump) and I thought I had gotten away free
That’s when I knew it caught up with me
So, I instantly grabbed some OJ and some Emergen-C packets and tried to beat it as it was happening
Well, I didn’t do enough
I had plans to go out to Station 4 to videotape OBCT and Uzza but by mid afternoon, I had started to feel the full onslaught
I cancelled going out and dug in

Normally, I wouldn’t wr...

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