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existing between the lines

wow, amazing how quick I can turn on a dime sometimes and be filled with resentment and anger. These are the times when I pay the price for existing between the lines. but I wouldn’t trade it for a hundred mediocre existances

This started out as an initial statement but I feel I need to do a bit of writing therapy so here goes
From the moment I can remember what it was like to interact with people in a social situation, I can also remember not being able to fit in
It wasn’t because I was ugly or fat (I got pretty chubby in grade school, though) or had some type of obvious physical difference
I wasn’t from a strange family that believed weird things or had a strange religion
I could pretty much succeed at anything I felt like doing no matter if it was sports or artistic (I was even a good s...

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self congratulatory post 10/2010

Here’s what’s crossed off the to do list lately
-Sell The Van
I bought my Chevy Lumina van from Roy back in 2006
Thanks to Roy allowing me access to his tools, I kep that thing alive on the cheap for almost 5 years
It has carried me back and forth between Dallas and Minneapolis (loaded to the top many times)
Trying to sell it with the mileage it had was tough but having broken door handles made it even tougher
It seems that every time I had someone interested in it, something happened to keep it from getting sold
A garage down the street finally bought it off me for a low but fair price
I originally paid $1500 for that van and got my money’s worth

-Print T-Shirts
I wanted to have shirts for the GZ show but the design just didn’t come through in time
I decided to print them up anyways and h...

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Theater for the Insane Halloween episode

I had taken on quite a few projects for the Halloween season including several video performances but I really wanted to do a Halloween episode
There were some delays in the beginning but once I got on track it took about two weeks because of all the other editing I was doing
I placed the barrage edits differently in this episode and I chose to combine the main feature (The Necro Tonz) with the outro
I just wanted to fit as much stuff as possible in there without too much interruption

The host segments are a further exploration of the video projection technique
I like how the whiteface lends itself to blending with the video sometimes

Not sure if I’m gonna do a Christmas episode in the next few months but I will include some cool holliday commercials
It looks like the episode uploaded succ...

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PPF on SoundCloud

I like this site because it displays the tracks on a player that allows you to observe the waveform
You can advance to where the track looks most interesting and dissect it with your eyes and your ears
You even get to comment on the track and have it pop up at the exact moment where you want to make your comment (you have to be a member to comment)
This is incredibly helpful to the artist and fun for the participant
Please visit my SoundCloud profile

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What happened to my supposed open mind?

As I was waxing poetically to myself about my youth, I had to ask myself a question
What happened to my supposed open mind?

Flash back to 1990
I have just landed a really slummy yet centrally located house dubbed “The Hash Palace”
Not because it was a drug dealer’s house but because the bass player from the band Hash Palace lived there
I say centrally located because it was THE party house of the early Deep Ellum scene in Dallas Tx, but it was also a 5 minute walk away from Ellum

Deep Ellum’s newly emerging bars were lenient on the artisitic clientelle and allowed me pretty much unfetterd access to not having to pay cover
This meant that all the great bands playing in the early days were available to me because of my reluctance to pay cover for music I might hate
I watched a lot of crappy ...

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Saloon Playlist 10/11/2010

People kept leaving when I played heavier stuff so I chilled out tonight. Funny thing is that they have been listening to Zappa all night and were none the wiser
Here’s the playlist:

Muffin Man-Frank Zappa
Within- Neurosis
Minions- Course of Empire
Bernie Sticky- Ed Hall
Tension- Halls of the Machine
Zebulon- Einsturzende Neubauten
Filthy Habits- Frank Zappa
Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Melancholy Serenade- Sleazy Mancini
Shadow of Love- The Damned
Garden of Serenity- The Ramones
A Small Victory- Faith No More
Love is a Stranger- Eurythmics
I’m Deranged- David Bowie/Lost highway Soundtrack
The Ballad of Maxwell Demon- Shudder to Think
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth- Meat Loaf
Teo Torriatte- Queen
Type Ecco System- Melt Banana
Smell the Secrets- Zillatron ...

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anxiety over my “famous” friends

A musician who is one of my all time favorite bands recently came through Mpls
I have not spoken to him in decades but he didn’t seem to mind and invited me to come out to his show
Obviously, it was good to catch up with him but I also had an alterior motive which was to get him to pass my material on to his independant label
I half jokingly explained to him that I could be bought for a 200 day tour and a Subway sandwich a day
Not only that but I was ready to trim some of my equipment fat and put the rest in storage
That way I can put my downsized stage rig and a duffle bag full of clothes in my wagon and head to whatever town is gonna work out

I had a bit of anxiety attack when I told him that one of his songs in particular paralelled some of the weaknesses I felt when I wanted to die
It ...

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pants on the ground

I had to poke 2 new holes in my belt and my boxers are slipping down past my ass inside my pants
The only way to keep them from falling is to pull them up over my belt
Either way, I feel like one of those ridiculous gangsta douches that wear their pants below their ass

Here’s a billboard from my old hood in Dallas
It’s right across from the ultra badass and yet insanely inexpensiveEgg Roll Hut
Now I want Egg Roll Hut
Somebody go eat there for me

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Countrockula bidness

enough distractions
I am back at editing vids for the Halloween Episode of Theater for the Insane!
Most of the clips have been edited, now I just need to put together a skeleton and start planning host segments
Need to get decent white face for Countrockula
Just got a tux and shirt, need bow tie
I am very amused with myself for the intro I just put together

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