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Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010

After a few weeks rest from the Halloween season, I decided that the Combichrist afterparty would be a good time to come back
There was decent attendance and my playlist was all over the place
See if you can guess what songs Ether requested

Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010
Gnomes- Ed Hall
Halo Of Flies- Alice Cooper
Eve Of War- Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds
Buttobase! (all through the night) – Guitar Wolf (muic video)
Natural Science- Rush
Outshined- Soundgarden
Hang me Twice- Sirens of Titan
Free For All (Live from Hammersmith)-Ted Nugent
Over The Mountain- Ozzy Osbourne
B Boy Bouillabaisse- Beatie Boys
Loco El En Coco- Cypress Hill
Alle Gegen Alle- Laibach
Rammstein- Rammstein
Apple of Sodom- Marylin Manson
Ant Music- Adam Ant
The Information- Course Of Empire
Friend- Ugly ...

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The equipment gods almost taketh away

Many of you who have followed me since the Livejournal days know that I comment upon the coming and going of equipment in my life by speaking of “The Equipment Gods”
When the equipment Gods giveth, they are the ones who give you the deep discount on gear that you need and materialize that “diamond in the rough” on the rack just before you enter the pawn shop
They are also the ones who taketh away when your shit breaks down, gets stolen or falls out of the van because your dumbass guitar player was drunk and didn’t shut the door properly

Last night’s brush with the Equipent Gods came in the form of a video projector
I was messing around with some concepts and had just fired the projector up and the lamp was on for about 10 seconds
That’s when the power cable came out

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Observation #854 talking and listening to my thera-friend

I hung out with my friend who doubles as a therapist today and we discussed the fact that some people continue to hang out with me simply for the reason that they don’t like to do the talking

We all get told a million times that the art of good conversation is achieved by listeing instead of just waiting for someone to pause so that you can start talking
I obviously fall in the “talker” category and I have had much anxiety over the amount of wear and tear it has on my friends
But then I get reassured that this quality is a main reason why I have so many cool people surrounding me

Of course, I still need to be conscious of listening
Mostly because it is a free resource of material to digest and make your own
But I also have to allow myself the luxury of knowing that most people just don’t h...

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New vids from the big Ground Zero show

I had Ether take my 2nd camera and shoot some extra footage at the GZ show back in August
The mic is broken on that camera and I had the digital up on the stairs where the sound and view are great
Then I left the footage for a while because I figured it would be good for a compilation/promo type situation
The main camera caught a decent audio track so I fiddled and EQ’ed it and re-applied it to the main vid cam shot
Just for the hell of it, I tried applying the audio to the 2nd camera to see how long it would synch before the video changed
What I didn’t know was that Ether had let the camera roll for the entire time
This meant that the new improved audio track synched up perfectly!

What I ended up with was a very good set of performances
Ether’s cam...

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No one like me?

My therapist just told me that she has never met anyone like me
Should I find that troubling?
I assumed that there were tons of people like me but our thick outer shells made it hard to discern who was who
I am fighting the urge to let this statement re-enforce my egocentric view of the world
In an attempt to cushion the blow of alienation, I (like many alienated people) have been telling myself that my unique view of the world is what causes me to percieve reality so differently from so many
I need to vigilant so that I don’t allow myself to use it as an excuse to hold up in the apt. and not work

Herin lies my other conundrum
The constant tugging of the opposite forces of ego/confidence v.s. anxiety/self loathing causes me to question every decision I make
I have to aknowledge that most ...

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So the general scuttlebutt around Juliete and Vermin’s party last night was that all of us Dj/bartender/security/performer/scenester people are exhausted from our “Halloweek”

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