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Gig Recap 12/23/2010

I had not played Dallas for quite a while and was eager to show my friends the new advances that I had made in the performance
I even brought the video projector to show off the new video that has been synched up to the music
Lots of my friends showed up and there were 20 or so people at the Phoenix Project

The set was the usual one except for the fact that I had taken out “American Zombie” due to the fact that it is way too convoluted to perform all by myself
Things were going well until I got to “RU High? ”
That’s when two things happened
1- I was cue-ing up the audio tracks when I noticed that they were not missing from the multi-track program (I must have moved them to a different folder)
2- The video projector went blank (not from being broken but from a connection problem)
I decided ...

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Saloon Playlist 12/14/2010

I have been in a big Rush mood lately so I played them all night
The Camera Eye
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Cygnus X1
Broon’s Bane/The Trees/Xanadu (live)
The Weapon
Something for Nothing
Bastille Day
Closer to the Heart
Vital Signs
New World Man
A Passage to Bangkok
Natural Science

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MY spot

See that car on the NON snow emergency street around the corner?
Notice there is no snow under or around it?
That’s because it is MY spot!
Wht is it my spot?
Because I just spent 30 minutes digging it out….
That’s why

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