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Final Preparation for Saturday

I don’t think I have ever done this much prep for one single event in my life
Well the PyroPlasticFlow show kicked my ass but this is the most prepared Video/DJ gig.
And it’s the most ambitious
First of all, I have composed a special edit for the Voodoo Organist that he can use for background video for future performances
Next, i have pre-edited a ton of material because I am going to be using four, count ’em, FOUR screens
The main room has a flat screen over the bar where I will be showing the Voodoo Organist edit
The projection screen across from the bar will be music videos and various halloween oriented pop culture videos like commercials, TV specials etc…
The back room will feature a smaller video projector and will be a place where people can get away from the crush and noise of the ...

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Why I haven’t attended any “Occupy” demonstrations

First of all, let me express my support for the movement
Now, let me explain why I have not taken part in the demonstrations

The biggest reason is one based on fear
-I am afraid of my government
-I am afraid of being beaten up by riot squads
-I am DEATHLY afraid of jail
-I am afraid of being placed on a watch list

When I was growing up, my parents taught me to question authority but respect the police and armed forces
Yeah, it sucks to get a ticket or to be arrested but 9 times out of 10, the person brought it upon themselves
My encounters with police have always been “Yes Sir, No Sir” events
That’s why I have only been to jail once and that was for 45 minutes in Rockwall while my friends paid my forgotten speeding ticket
Keep in mind that I know that there are corrupt/bad cops etc…...

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The Voodoo Organist at fallout lounge featuring DJ/Video by Rockula

I have been very fortunate to be asked to DJ and mix video for the upcoming Voodoo Organist show at the Fallout Lounge Sat Oct 29th
I have great plans for the evening and will be mixing FOUR video sources throughout the venue
This will be a Halloween themed show and will draw from all of the vintage pop culture that surrounded every kid’s favorite holliday (after xmas that is)

I was up all night compiling footage and tried to get some shuteye when the idea for a promo video popped into my head
it wouldn’t let me sleep and demanded that I strike when the iron was hot so I stayed up until the sun came up
Here’s the video

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