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Busking 11 11 11

Last night’s street drumming was as lucative as the last, plus I had my own show to watch across the street
The evening started off at 7:30 pm when I showed up at “MY” spot and found a parking space about 50 yards away
The meter even had 40 minutes on it
Unfortunately some kid with an acoustic guitar was in “MY” spot and he was not very good
Worst version of “Last Dance with Mary Jane” I ever heard
I sat in the van and glared at him for about 15 minutes when he got up and walked away
That’s when I pounced on “MY” spot
I managed to get up and running around 8pm

Last week’s street kit was designed to be as muffled and quiet as possible because of my anxieties over police hassles
Last week’s positive cop experience gave me lisence to bring a much better sounding drumkit with a full sna...

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100% Positive busking experience

My negative experiences with busking in Minneapolis were pressing heavily on me as I lugged my gear to Deep Ellum to claim the spot I had scoped out
I was worried about the noise of the drumkit
I was worried about getting a ticket

I found a parking spot very close to my spot
It was around the corner but not so far that I would have to spend more than 15/20 seconds with my eyes off my equipment
The parking lot across the street wanted ten dollars
I asked one of the businesses next to the spot if they would allow me to plug in an extension cord for future electonic drum explorations but they were afraid of getting a ticket from the city (which is fair)
I REALLY need to figure a way to get portable power on the street

I set up and started playing at about 8pm and it didn’t take long until Tur...

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Video/DJ Gig Recap- Voodoo Organist, Fallout lounge 10/29/11

This was, by far, the most ambitious Video/DJ gig I have ever done
I know the layout of the Fallout Lounge very well and had formulated 4 different video displays for the evening
Including the VIDEO CUBE which is a projector aimed into a square booth so that people could sit inside the video
I chose to use mainly the 50’s horror exploitation teasers because they were stark black and white and usually had a lot of text and pictures instead of action
This, combined with the hypnotic swirl video made for a lot of people taking cell phone video of themselves inside the cube which made me very happy

I had a few bumps in the music/DJing department because I was using a playlist instead of the DJ software
That was being used to toggle videos on the main projection screen
I started out with music...

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