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Film Review- “The Hellstrom Chronicles” -or-“There have been ants running around in my brain since I was 12”

originally posted 2009-05-10
One summer, when I was around 12 years old, my Father asked me if I wanted to attend workshops at the local science museum
I thought it would be cool and so I went to several
It consisted of watching a movie and then doing a workshop afterwards
The only two I can rember were the films “The Andromeda Strain” and “The Hellstrom Chronicles”
The first one was about a virus from space (and had boobies in it, the film, not the virus) and the second one ended in us little kids being given dissection kits (huh?)
It was The Hellstrom Chronicle which had the most impact on me
Those images played over and over in my head throughout my life
I developed an obsession with insect footage
It wasn’t until the film “Wax-Or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees” that I reall...

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When I was a kid I….

Originally posted on 2/7/2010
When I was a kid I….
-believed in god (and in santa claus too)
-worshipped KISS (I was gene or ace every haloween)
-was afraid of getting leprosy (after seeing a movie with lepers in it)
-wanted to be either a comedian or a rock star (and became neither or both)
-quit stealing when I got caught at the winn dixie (I gave them a fake address but, like a dumb ass, I gave them my real name)
-liked girls before any of my friends (never needed a cootie shot)
-was the hardest kid to tackle in “smeer the queer” (quit football when it became too serious)
-saw star wars when it came out (had star wars toys that would be worth a lot right now)
-looked forward to each saturday morning (sid and marty kroft muthafuckas!)
-got beat up very seldom (george tonroy and robbie go...

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My first radio show

I had flirted with the idea of having a show on KNON for quite a long time
My first exposure to the station was when my friends Cabe Booth, Scott Miller and Danny Hollenbeck had a show
This was way back in the late 80’s and the station was very different back then
It was in a very rough part of East Dallas in a decaying old building that seemed on the verge of collapsing in on itself at any moment
There are too many examples to count when it comes to my musical education whilst listening to KNON
I always wanted a show but could never commit to the regular schedule

But then Dave Chaos called up two days ago and pretty much threw me into the deep end

He wanted to take the night off for the 4th of July and he thought I was ready to do the whole show by myself
Literally by myself because no on...

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