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Preliminary episode of the new series “Rockula Retrospective”

I am making my first forays into the Review/Retrospective genre with “Rockula Retrospective”
Since it’s Halloween, I thought I would condense edit the 1986 MTV Elvira Halloween Special and give a short review
Consider this a “preliminary episode”
There is a big fascination for rescuing VHS tapes from obscurity nowadays so I thought I would feature one of my oldest an most played tapes
This tape is a Halloween tradition of mine and I play it every year (along with 45 Grave’s “Autopsy”)
There are quite a few MTV compilations on Youtube and I thought I would follow the example of those who kept the host segments and/or commercials and condensed the videos
I intend to do the same with my other MTV Guest VJ recordings

The camera I used is old, the mic is not good and the dialogue is wooden
I ha...

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Rockula Psychedelic Video Performance at Kettle Art Thursday Oct 24th

I have been asked to participate in Kettle Art’s next event “That 60’s Show”
I will be projecting various selections from my collection of vintage psychedelic footage and intend to fill the entire room with swirling images. This is MY happening and IT FREAKS ME OUT!!!!! So Be there and get your eyes tickled

kettle art 60's

kettle art 60’s

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Halloween season is here!

I had a couple of events drop out on me so I have some extra dates available for Halloween season
Please consider me as a Video/DJ for your Halloween themed party or event!

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Rockula plays with GIRL at Liquid Lounge Sat Oct 19th

The Elvis tribute show went very well and things are starting to gel with me and the members of GIRL. There will be more original material in this set but we do have a very special guest to sit in for a couple of songs. Come see Karen Lawrence belt out a couple o tunes with us. Our friends The Chloes and Darlington fill out the bill
Girl Liquid

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