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UFOFU Retrospective

1993 was a great time in Deep Ellum because you could walk into a club and see a band like UFOFU
This was a time when alternative music was about to be splintered into a million sub fragments
The largest fragment being grunge
But for a while, there were bands like UFOFU who were exploring different types of alternative music
Most importantly, they were exploring progressive angles without sounding like pretentious Math Rock
I bought their tape and was started playing along with it on the drums
I went to lots of shows and became very familiar with the band
Joe Butcher was a smart ass that I could count on for some good verbal sparring (my favorite moment was the look on his face when I suggested he start a side project called “The Joe Butcher Axis”
Brandon and i talked alot about music in g...

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The Evolution of the Rockula Drum Set Pt 1 (Christmas edition)

It has been more than 30 years ago that I received my first “real” drumset for Christmas
This was my toy drumset up until then (you can’t see the cymbal or bass drum pedal)


This was a step up from normal toys because the heads were plastic instead of thick paper
Still, you had to show some restraint because it was still a toy
None of that restraint paid off when I came back one day to find that my parents had let Brett and Scott Anderson play my drums
I was horrified to find that  there were dents in the thin plastic heads and the bass drum pedal was broken!
What I needed was a REAL drumset

Fast forward to Christmas 1981 and I am a pre-teen boy that is transitioning from hardcore KISS fan to more sophisticated music like Rush
I guess my parents saw that I wasn’t giving up on the drums li...

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Rockula makes a fan video for the Game Chasers- “Robot Mix”

I have become a big fan of a Youtube video series called “The Game Chasers”
One of their favorite things to do is dance The Robot so I thought I’d make a compilation video set to the song “The Robots” by Kraftwerk

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The Old Me v.s. The New Me- Handling customer service

I just got off the phone with my internet provider after realizing they have been overcharging me for almost a year
This company has an overseas phone room and we all know how frustrating that can be
THE WAY I USED TO BE- I would to lose my cool and scream at the first person who didn’t give me what I wanted
This always resulted in me going for the nuclear option, cancelling whatever service/account and losing the money that I think they owe me
THE WAY I AM NOW- After working on the other side of the phones, I have observed the way that phone rooms operate and the tactics they use to make you give up instead of insisting on the customer service your money pays for

*HERE”S HOW TO DO IT -Above all, have your info straight and be able to reference it immediately
The first person to answer is ...

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