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Rockula Retrospective video diary- The Elvira 1986 MTV Halloween Special -or- Learning how to trick the copywrong police pt 1

I have finally acquired a stable VHS to digital converter and have been converting all of the tapes that survived the great purge of years gone by
One of my most prized of all VHS tapes is the tape that I put in the VCR on Halloween night in 1986
I went out for a night of Halloween hijinks and returned with a treasure trove of new information to consume
MTV had played spooky videos before on Halloween but this time, they had Elvira host a 4 hour special
evira 1

Next on the tape was an Alice Cooper concert featuring his “comeback” with more muscular versions of his classics
Not only was the music beefed up to reflect the steadily rising popularity of metal and it’s ever increased heaviness, but Alice was literally beefing up his music with a bodybuilding lead guitarist named Kane Roberts
Kane Roberts

This con...

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