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How The Sore Losers changed my life

There were two reasons why I became interested in independent film and video in the mid 90’s
The first was a Dallas Tx cable access show produced by Joe Riley called “The Hypnotic Eye” in which he showed clips from all kinds of weird and obscure sources
He did a feature on a video store called “Forbidden Books” run by Jason Cohen
Go to the 48:00 mark to see the Forbidden Books segment
It was one of his main sources of material so I went down to Expo Park and checked it out
This second discovery opened up a new world of films that I would never have been exposed to in the pre-youtube world of the mid 90’s
Of all the films The Hypnotic Eye featured, one caught my attention in particular
It was a film that Joe had personally worked on as effects supervisor called “The Sore Losers”
This traile...

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Business Politics and bile in my throat

It is 7:30 am as I write the first draft of this post
Anyone who knows me would understand why this is unusual, seeing that I normally don’t wake up until noon or so
So, why am I up right now?
Because I never really got to sleep last night
I started yesterday with the discovery that Youtube deleted a video that has been up for 2 years
It showed me that the industry bots that scour Youtube for copyright infringement will let you fly under the radar
But they noticed me after my video got 40,000 hits
Now they are threatening to delete my entire account
This re-enforces the idea that you can’t say what you want without someone seeing it as a loss of revenue
Art and free speech seem to be tolerated in this society as long as they can make a profit
If you are not making a profit for them, then y...

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