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Retropalooza 2 diary -or- The fun-est butt kicking I’ve had in a while

A few years back, I discovered a YouTube channel called “The Game Chasers” as a result of watching a series called “The Video Game Years.
It features two average dudes from Grand Prairie Tx driving around looking for video games a-la American Pickers and I immediately became a big fan (even though I am not an active gamer)
I went to the first Retropalooza last year and had been bugging them for even longer to work with them in some capacity
My persistence paid off and they asked me to work the panel room at Retropalooza 2

My job would be to record video of the panels as well as provide a projector and screen for the panelists should they decide to use video
I already had a 5 x 5 video screen but wanted something bigger just in case, so I tried to build a screen using two tarps that had re...

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