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Post Gig Notes- the RAMONE @ 3 Links 8-28-16

Post Gig Notes- the RAMONE @ 3 Links 8-28-16

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When Self Esteem affects Work Ethic

One of my biggest self esteem issues is that I think that I have a very lazy work ethic. It doesn’t take much to get me to walk away from a project or job when I find myself getting discouraged or distracted. Of course, I always seem to find plenty of energy for other people’s projects but that is because I am getting paid. My problem is trying to generate enthusiasm for a project that hasn’t made much of an impact over the last decade. I have made giant leaps and bounds in the technical evolution of my own music but I keep putting off booking Multiple Man for live shows. Conversely, I have poured hundreds of hours into the RAMONE because I knew that it would be a solid investment of time and emotional energy.
As it stands now, I have people who have never met me or even seen the Ram...

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the RAMONE reviews the new Danelectro ’64 Guitar

The RAMONE reviews the new Danelectro ’64 Guitar

64 promo 2

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