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The RAMONE gig notes from the Foundry 12/29/17

Most of my gigs have been last minute additions and/or short notice
This gig at the Foundry was booked months in advance and I had booked Bullet Machine as a headliner
Bullet machine backed out couple of weeks before the show because their drummer needed surgery
The Foundry is not a punk club and they didn’t want a really rowdy crowd, which made it hard for me to find a band
I finally decided that I would play both sets myself, which meant that I was going to have to quickly edit some of the new tracks I was working on
My current setlist has about 18 good tracks which makes for a 35 to 40 minute set
19 new songs made it onto the Roland P-10 video sampler for this gig

This was going to take some serious cramming
I had just finished the bass parts and my plan was to go back and EQ the indiv...

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