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The Elbow situation- UPDATE and CONCLUSION!

I fell pretty lucky that I have not had any physical issues during my 35 years of drumming but last year saw my first worrisome injury
Of course, there was always the banged up knuckles from bashing but I developed problems with my left elbow when playing for the traditional Ramones Tribute band in 2017
The injury was a result of over practicing a technique that I had never really used before
For the un-initiated, playing Ramones music on the drums involves playing the hi hat very fast
The secret to this technique is to smooth out all the normal dynamics, replacing the punches and stabs with an even wash of 8th notes
I have been playing 90% punches and stabs for my entire drumming existence and my muscle memory was pretty much set in stone
Things would have been OK but I insisted on overd...

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