I am a multi-media/multi-instrumental experimental artist with a clear vision for this still developing 21st century
My main avenue of experience is playing the drums and I have been playing a myriad of styles for over 30 years
This rhythmic approach is present in almost everything I produce from musical performance to video editing
I tend to apply my ideas in a collage style  and all of my compositions are intermingling with each other into what will hopefully be a wide variety of  content for the adventurous
Here’s a list of things that I am:
Drummer, Multi-Tasker, Looper, Composer, Electronic Musician, Noise Artist, Bass Player, Guitar Player, Video Artist, Concert Videographer,
TV Show Host, Video Collage Artist and Video/DJ (more to come)

2016  is the year that many of my projects will see the light of day after sitting on the shelf
The most prominent is the “One Man Tribute Band” called THE RAMONE
PyroPlasticFlow is being phased out and will be replaced with Rockula!- The Multiple Man
The Multi-Tasking concept is my primary focus and I believe it is my true calling as an Artist/Performer in the 21st Century

Other activities include my reviews of The Walking Dead as well as other reviews on Rockula Retrospective
Over on the Rockulapresents Channel, you will find mostly archival footage of different music oriented media that I have shot and collected over the years


I am looking forward to seeing all of the new people I am going to meet in 2016
See Ya In The Trenches!

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