Attention all posts along I-35 from Minneapolis to Dallas

I am going to need to escape from the dreadful Minnesora winter so I figured what better way than to take a trip to Dallas and play a few places along the way
My new touring configuration will have a small footprint and will be able to fit in the back of my new touring wagon
This means I can play anything from a basement party to a club stage so there is no limit on the tpes of places I can play
As long as they can handle the volume!

So, if you live in close to proximity to I-35 and can host a performance or refer me to someone who can then I would love to hear from you
The ideal cities I checked out on the map should DesMoines Ia, Whichita/Lawrence/Kansas City Ks-Mo, Tulsa/OKC Ok and DFW Tx

Got an itch to get out there and see some places again and I hope you can be a part of it
Hope to hear from ym friend soon

One comment to Attention all posts along I-35 from Minneapolis to Dallas

  • anthony a  says:

    hell yes i cant friggin wait !!!!!

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