Bass tracking for new set list

Bass tracks for the upcoming new the RAMONE set list. Most are pretty standard but a couple are giving me minor issues
Then there’s this song.The Studio version of this song has a horn section and he’s playing the progression of the horns. I saw a live performance of the song on Old Grey Whistle test and he’s playing root notes only. I’m assuming the performance is just after the release of the album and he really wanted to learn that bass part. The audio is not real good but you can see that Dee Dee’s left hand is all over the place.
It’s a bitch for me to play it the way I see it played on stage and in the bass covers on YouTube but I think I found a more economical way to play the part near the nut (huh huh). It doesn’t have the low end rumble but I have to compensate for my bass skills


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