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The Rockula Update 12/19/11 -or- A large number of small victories instead of one all encompasing triumph

The last few weeks have been productive
A few weeks ago, I decided to get off my ass and pull my drums out on the street in Deep Ellum
Laziness was one of the factors that kept me from doing it but the biggest one was fear of all the negative variables that were swirling in my head
Would the cops hassle me?
Would someone try to rob me or start a fight? (this is Ellum)
After getting out there and doing it, I saw that none of those fears were correct
Not only that, but I never would have thought that I could play drums for 5 to 6 hours
My recent drumming-stamina issues have been a huge issue and I succeeded in adapting my playing for the long haul
I have an idea where I want to take this and will address it in a sec

Speaking of drumming stamina issues, I have isolated two of the main causes ...

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Busking 11 11 11

Last night’s street drumming was as lucative as the last, plus I had my own show to watch across the street
The evening started off at 7:30 pm when I showed up at “MY” spot and found a parking space about 50 yards away
The meter even had 40 minutes on it
Unfortunately some kid with an acoustic guitar was in “MY” spot and he was not very good
Worst version of “Last Dance with Mary Jane” I ever heard
I sat in the van and glared at him for about 15 minutes when he got up and walked away
That’s when I pounced on “MY” spot
I managed to get up and running around 8pm

Last week’s street kit was designed to be as muffled and quiet as possible because of my anxieties over police hassles
Last week’s positive cop experience gave me lisence to bring a much better sounding drumkit with a full sna...

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100% Positive busking experience

My negative experiences with busking in Minneapolis were pressing heavily on me as I lugged my gear to Deep Ellum to claim the spot I had scoped out
I was worried about the noise of the drumkit
I was worried about getting a ticket

I found a parking spot very close to my spot
It was around the corner but not so far that I would have to spend more than 15/20 seconds with my eyes off my equipment
The parking lot across the street wanted ten dollars
I asked one of the businesses next to the spot if they would allow me to plug in an extension cord for future electonic drum explorations but they were afraid of getting a ticket from the city (which is fair)
I REALLY need to figure a way to get portable power on the street

I set up and started playing at about 8pm and it didn’t take long until Tur...

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Winter Touring Kit Configuration 9/14/2010

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no busking today

It is supposed to be raining on and off today so I can’t go play outiside
This wouldn’t happen if I was some hippie with a hand drum!!

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getting ready for busking tomorrow

I re-engineered the electronic kit by adding a longer rack tube and re-positioning the bass drum pad so it does not move
I also decided to use the spikes as crash/chyna and moved the SPDS around a little bit to compensate for the pad that triggers poorly
The kit proved to be very compact with out the acoustic snare, so I added it too
I did not use a backpack last time , so I may be able to make room by putting small objects on my back
There also needs to be a re-thinking of the way I tie the speaker to the rack
It was all falling off every 30 seconds and irritating the shit out of me

I have loaded some noise stuff onto the Zune and plan to use it during the performance tomorrow
Hopefully it will not rain
There is a concert on Peavey Plaza and hopefully, I can get as close as possible to ...

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Busking on nicollet Mall

Here is a video of my firdt attempt at busking on Nicollet Mall
I had a good time and worked out some bugs

Hopefully, it will be nice next weekend and i will be able to do it again

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busking today on Nicollet Mall

Skies are sunny and I am heading out to Nicollet Mall for my first attempt at busking

Come out and see me! (if i don’t get told to leave by the cops)

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The Travel Kit

One of my biggest  barriers has been the sheer amount of equipment that it takes to do what I do
Playing a show is literally a full days work
2 hours of breaking down and packing the performance setup into The Van
1 hour of waiting around the club for someone to let me in
2 hours of unloading into the club and setting up (usually not including a torturous sound check)
30/45 minutes  to perform (usually for 3 people and the sound guy)
2 more hours of breakdown and packing back into The Van 
45 Minutes of lading from The Van to the house
It’s been a while since I played a gig that made any of this worth it so I stopped for a while
The idea of touring by myself  isn’t very practical either

The idea of a mini-kit came from trying to figure out how to get to Japan
I needed a compact dru...

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