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My first radio show

I had flirted with the idea of having a show on KNON for quite a long time
My first exposure to the station was when my friends Cabe Booth, Scott Miller and Danny Hollenbeck had a show
This was way back in the late 80’s and the station was very different back then
It was in a very rough part of East Dallas in a decaying old building that seemed on the verge of collapsing in on itself at any moment
There are too many examples to count when it comes to my musical education whilst listening to KNON
I always wanted a show but could never commit to the regular schedule

But then Dave Chaos called up two days ago and pretty much threw me into the deep end

He wanted to take the night off for the 4th of July and he thought I was ready to do the whole show by myself
Literally by myself because no on...

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Recap of recent Video/DJ gigs

I was advised to back away from PyroPlasticFlow for a bit in order to get a new perspective on things
Video has always been a close second in my life so I decided to start actively seeking Video/DJ gigs
After the last few months, I can honestly say that musicians and DJs are no different when it comes to the level of acceptance
And, just like there are a million jealous, competative hack bands out there, so are there DJs
Club owners are still all the same (for the most part)

My initial gig was doing “Modern Retro” for Desi Rae at the Fallout
I decided that the Halloween season would be best for me to spread myself around so I started scouting places to do my stuff
Jow Virus gave me a pretty solid yes but held me at arm’s length for a fair amount of time (that’s just the way dealing with th...

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Video/DJ Gig Recap- Voodoo Organist, Fallout lounge 10/29/11

This was, by far, the most ambitious Video/DJ gig I have ever done
I know the layout of the Fallout Lounge very well and had formulated 4 different video displays for the evening
Including the VIDEO CUBE which is a projector aimed into a square booth so that people could sit inside the video
I chose to use mainly the 50’s horror exploitation teasers because they were stark black and white and usually had a lot of text and pictures instead of action
This, combined with the hypnotic swirl video made for a lot of people taking cell phone video of themselves inside the cube which made me very happy

I had a few bumps in the music/DJing department because I was using a playlist instead of the DJ software
That was being used to toggle videos on the main projection screen
I started out with music...

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Final Preparation for Saturday

I don’t think I have ever done this much prep for one single event in my life
Well the PyroPlasticFlow show kicked my ass but this is the most prepared Video/DJ gig.
And it’s the most ambitious
First of all, I have composed a special edit for the Voodoo Organist that he can use for background video for future performances
Next, i have pre-edited a ton of material because I am going to be using four, count ’em, FOUR screens
The main room has a flat screen over the bar where I will be showing the Voodoo Organist edit
The projection screen across from the bar will be music videos and various halloween oriented pop culture videos like commercials, TV specials etc…
The back room will feature a smaller video projector and will be a place where people can get away from the crush and noise of the ...

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Video Gig Recap 8/20/11 Fallout Lounge

Last night’s video mixing gig at The Fallout Lounge went very well
I had an initial discussion with the event’s organizer, Desirae and she was a bit concerned that her theme was too specific
I chuckled to myself because this person had no knowledge of my super movie geek powers
She wanted to do films that referenced the 50’s and early 60’s but were produced later on
The films that immediately popped into my head were The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Hairspray and of course, Grease
Then there was one of my favorites, The Wanderers
She also suggested another lesser known John Waters film Cry Baby (well, I knew less of it)
I also liked Parents and Fido but wanted to stick closer to the films she knew
The answer was to use the trailers of films that wouldn’t make the “condense’ list

None of the ma...

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Saloon Playlist 1/17/2011

Saloon Playlist 1/17/2011
Little Wonder- David Bowie
Green Eyed Devil- Melt Banana
Clones (We’re All) -Alice Cooper
The Profits of Doom- Type O Negative
Reasons For Revenge- Voodoo Organist
The Majesty Of Rock- Spinal Tap
Clash City Rockers- The Clash
I Can’t Explain- The Who
Big Sky/Baddest of the Bad- Rev. Horton Heat
Nurture My Pig- Rev Horton Heat
Dr Rock- Motorhead
Stealing People’s Mail/Dear Abby- Dead Kennedys
Operator’s Manual- Buzzcocks
We Gotta Know- Cro Mags
Rockaway Beach-Ramones
Telstar- The Ventures
Uncontrollable Urge- Devo
Pay To Cum- The Bad Brains (Black Dots)
Hibernation-Ted Nugent
Bakababatka- Super Junky Monkey
Lord of the Hornets- Nik Turner Space Ritual
Too Fast for Love- Motley Crue
Fast Town- Mark Frydman
Keep On Knockin’- Little Richard
No Class- Motorhead

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Saloon Playlist 12/14/2010

I have been in a big Rush mood lately so I played them all night
The Camera Eye
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Cygnus X1
Broon’s Bane/The Trees/Xanadu (live)
The Weapon
Something for Nothing
Bastille Day
Closer to the Heart
Vital Signs
New World Man
A Passage to Bangkok
Natural Science

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Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010

After a few weeks rest from the Halloween season, I decided that the Combichrist afterparty would be a good time to come back
There was decent attendance and my playlist was all over the place
See if you can guess what songs Ether requested

Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010
Gnomes- Ed Hall
Halo Of Flies- Alice Cooper
Eve Of War- Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds
Buttobase! (all through the night) – Guitar Wolf (muic video)
Natural Science- Rush
Outshined- Soundgarden
Hang me Twice- Sirens of Titan
Free For All (Live from Hammersmith)-Ted Nugent
Over The Mountain- Ozzy Osbourne
B Boy Bouillabaisse- Beatie Boys
Loco El En Coco- Cypress Hill
Alle Gegen Alle- Laibach
Rammstein- Rammstein
Apple of Sodom- Marylin Manson
Ant Music- Adam Ant
The Information- Course Of Empire
Friend- Ugly ...

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Saloon Playlist 10/11/2010

People kept leaving when I played heavier stuff so I chilled out tonight. Funny thing is that they have been listening to Zappa all night and were none the wiser
Here’s the playlist:

Muffin Man-Frank Zappa
Within- Neurosis
Minions- Course of Empire
Bernie Sticky- Ed Hall
Tension- Halls of the Machine
Zebulon- Einsturzende Neubauten
Filthy Habits- Frank Zappa
Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Melancholy Serenade- Sleazy Mancini
Shadow of Love- The Damned
Garden of Serenity- The Ramones
A Small Victory- Faith No More
Love is a Stranger- Eurythmics
I’m Deranged- David Bowie/Lost highway Soundtrack
The Ballad of Maxwell Demon- Shudder to Think
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth- Meat Loaf
Teo Torriatte- Queen
Type Ecco System- Melt Banana
Smell the Secrets- Zillatron ...

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saloon playlist 8/9/2010

I had a great time last night and it seems that pretty much everybody likes The Cars
I took a lot of requests and played some songs that I wouldn’t have chosen but I had a whole night to play with so it was cool
I just got a new projector so I need to start thinking about how to encorporate music video into the set


Hello Again, Shake it up,Just What I Needed- The Cars

Whip It, Workin’ In a Coal Mine- Devo

I Hate Rock n Roll- Spiral Chicken

Eareache My Eye- Cheech and Chong

Shoo Be Doo, Moving in Stereo, Touch and Go- The Cars

Natural Science- Rush

Bakabatka- Superjunkymonkey

Psycho Therapy, we’re A Happy Family- Ramones

Let the Good Times Roll, Panorama, Since You’re Gone- The Cars

The dream Police- Cheap Trick

Jimmy James- The Beastie Boys

Sum Dum Munkey- Fu Schn...

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