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PPF on SoundCloud

I like this site because it displays the tracks on a player that allows you to observe the waveform
You can advance to where the track looks most interesting and dissect it with your eyes and your ears
You even get to comment on the track and have it pop up at the exact moment where you want to make your comment (you have to be a member to comment)
This is incredibly helpful to the artist and fun for the participant
Please visit my SoundCloud profile

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1st signs of momentum

By some miracle, there is a stray internet signal that I have been able to catch so I am gobbling it up as much as I can while I can
Forcing myself to get out of the house and take care of my “jobs”
Posted an ad for the Van

After that, I took the bike over to Minnehaha Falls park to ride the trail
The usual plan is to ride over there, go at least to the other end of the trail and head back
However, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it over there so I took the wagon
Once again, I get to deal with the anger I have over the hit and run because I cannot even put my bike in the gate
I have to tie it to the top
This makes me dwell on negative shit and I don’t like how I get constantly reminded of how this guy showed absolute disreagrd for...

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Attention all posts along I-35 from Minneapolis to Dallas

I am going to need to escape from the dreadful Minnesora winter so I figured what better way than to take a trip to Dallas and play a few places along the way
My new touring configuration will have a small footprint and will be able to fit in the back of my new touring wagon
This means I can play anything from a basement party to a club stage so there is no limit on the tpes of places I can play
As long as they can handle the volume!

So, if you live in close to proximity to I-35 and can host a performance or refer me to someone who can then I would love to hear from you
The ideal cities I checked out on the map should DesMoines Ia, Whichita/Lawrence/Kansas City Ks-Mo, Tulsa/OKC Ok and DFW Tx

Got an itch to get out there and see some places again and I hope you can be a part of it
Hope to h...

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The library has made sure that I am not wasting time being idle and watching wrestling
It is loading very slowly and I really need to do other things
1- Assess the short range plans of getting booked here in Mpls
2- Establish contacts in the key towns from here to Dallas and book a small tour
3- Work the angle of the “novelty” band

Tonight will be spent building a new hybrid kit specifically for touring
I liked the kit before but I am not real happy with the bass drum pad idea
The new concept will be to suspend the 18″ marching bass drum to play with the double pedal
People tend to equate the 18″ bass drum with a low volume jazz type sound
However, the 18″ can be quite powerful when you do bring it off thge ground and 2 things happen
1- The beater of a normal bass drum would hit somewhere ...

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acceptable setback

I thought I might have PyroPlasticFlow T-shirts for the gig but that will not happen
That’s OK
It was a last minute thing anyways
I still plan on making them for later

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anxiety descending

This whole time leading up to the GZ performance on Friday has been very exciting
My way of coping with the negative anxiety was to work as much as I could on every detail of the performance
Although I have redundancy-ed the crap out of the show, I still have recurring anxieties about potential monkey wrenches
The first one is my computer

My Zune player just malfunctioned and I have surmised that it is the hard drive
I bought both the Zune and the laptop at the same time so…. 2+2=????
Having seen tons of bands and filmmakers tear their hair out while the audience waits for their computer to re-boot, I am plenty scared that this is going to happen to me

The other thing that scares me is that I will get confused and forget something in my programming
There are several moments when I am using...

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the final run-through

Went to Marko’s today and set up the whole performance
I had everything mapped out and in the right order
The volume spiking problem was fixed and I had every video just the right length
My physical chops are not so great but that is ok because I will have penty of warming up excercises between now and then
I was able to make it through the set twice
Even though I have simplified things, there are still a ton of things to keep straight
Luckily, my set is so chaotic and freeform that no one will notice too much
I begrudgingly have to use 5A sticks because the others are just too heavy right now
I don’t like the tiny bead of a 5A and miss the big marble nylon tip of my 3As
These sticks will work out just fine because I am not playing a lot of intricate stuff on the ride
The Quick Beat hi hat...

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The Old Man’s Guide to becoming a 21st Century Musician

The past few months of artistic acceleration and evolution have caused a new concept to form in my head
It is the concept of the 21st Century Musician
My first attempts at become a more evolved musician started right around the turn of the century when I joined Autonomy
I had begun to develop a multi-media approach with my TV show and the video loops that I played on TVs on the stage
This coupled with the Ground Zero video gig gave me plenty of opportunities to learn how the visual nature of multi-media affects an audience
I had only begun to think about electronics, having played around with William’s Zoom drum machine and tinkering with an Alesis drum brain
However, I was weak in those areas
Although, playing songs like “Ignite” and “We Have it All” did give me plenty of growth when it c...

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final prep for GZ

Now that Marko has helped me tweak my loops and samples, I can start constructing the set from start to finish
Marko gave me advice early on that all samples should be sent as flat as possible to the board which makes sense
Sound as with any kind of art like painting or cooking, it is easier to add to than take away from
This means send a fairly bland signal to the board and the sound person can mix it the way it sounds best for the club and the PA
Sending too much bass is especially bad because it can sound distorted even before it gets to the board
Highs are easier to tame and get affected less by too much gain
I wish I could actually apply these techniques because I still mix like shit
Just because you watch Hell’s Kitchen don’t make you a chef

There are only a few things left to accomp...

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a thought occurred to me in the shower just now

Up until now, I have not really sent anything to any record labels and i was asking myself why
I just now came to the conclusion that I have been avoiding the subject because I believe in the concept but not in the product

A huge issue that I am figuring out is that I have put so much effort into developing the concept that I haven’t even really considered looking for any kind of support

The recent advancements I have made in preparation for the live show have given me a new sense of momentum and I need to start learning how to approach a record label

The next project after the show will be a promo reel
Hopefully, there will be lots of good footage
I must encourage my friends to bring their video cameras

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