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The Rockula Update December 2015 pt 1- The Ramone

Green Screen drums
This is a picture of my umpteenth attempt at capturing drum video for my One Man Tribute Band “The Ramone”
I started to work on the mechanics of recording the audio and visual drum parts in the beginning of November
The following weeks were a mixture of trial and error whilst trying to overcome equipment/program issues
The first round was with the kit fully mic’ed by Mario, who seems quite excited about the concept, so he’s lending his producing skills
My intent is to have basic tracks that can be sent “flat” to the mixing board so that the sound person can mix each individual instrument for the room
Sound people hate it when you have overproduced tracks because you can’t un-bake the cake

I had a successful run through the set and was listening to the playback and there wasn’t enough sepa...

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R.I.P. Zildjian Power Smash

I bought this 18″ Zildjian “Z” Power Smash back in 2000 and have used it primarily for an in-between china/trashy crash-ride application
I played it bell up and it yeilded a ton of different textures
Lately, I have used it for Mass Torment because my other chinas were just too trashy
However, I just cracked it and am bummed
You served me well Z Power Smash and you lived a long productive life (especially for one of my cymbals)
Sorry to see you go
May the equipment gods treat you well in music gear heaven
Now, if someone would just buy me a new cymbal, that would be great
I have always wanted a Paiste Novo China
I’d like mine in 20″ please

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The equipment gods almost taketh away

Many of you who have followed me since the Livejournal days know that I comment upon the coming and going of equipment in my life by speaking of “The Equipment Gods”
When the equipment Gods giveth, they are the ones who give you the deep discount on gear that you need and materialize that “diamond in the rough” on the rack just before you enter the pawn shop
They are also the ones who taketh away when your shit breaks down, gets stolen or falls out of the van because your dumbass guitar player was drunk and didn’t shut the door properly

Last night’s brush with the Equipent Gods came in the form of a video projector
I was messing around with some concepts and had just fired the projector up and the lamp was on for about 10 seconds
That’s when the power cable came out

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