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The Rockula Update January 2016

The Ramone and Multiple Man are on the front burner. My last copyright strike is lifted on Jan 30th just in time for TWD, lots of cool things to share out of my ancient collection of music

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The Rockula Update December 2015 pt 1- The Ramone

Green Screen drums
This is a picture of my umpteenth attempt at capturing drum video for my One Man Tribute Band “The Ramone”
I started to work on the mechanics of recording the audio and visual drum parts in the beginning of November
The following weeks were a mixture of trial and error whilst trying to overcome equipment/program issues
The first round was with the kit fully mic’ed by Mario, who seems quite excited about the concept, so he’s lending his producing skills
My intent is to have basic tracks that can be sent “flat” to the mixing board so that the sound person can mix each individual instrument for the room
Sound people hate it when you have overproduced tracks because you can’t un-bake the cake

I had a successful run through the set and was listening to the playback and there wasn’t enough sepa...

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The Rockula Update Oct 2015

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The Rockula Update- A small slice of Validation

I was making final preparations for the San Antonio Loop Festival and my anxiety was creating reasons why I shouldn’t be going
First and foremost is money
I was literally spending money I didn’t have with a zero balance in my bank and a credit card
It is very lucky that my sister has allowed me to use her Mini Cooper for the trip because my other option is a van with terrible mileage
There was no guarantee of any kind of pay and I don’t have any kind of merch to sell
I was not even sure if I would have a place to stay

So why did I go?

I contacted Noah Peterson who ran the SA Loop fest and asked him to consider me
He wrote back that I wasn’t exactly conforming to the official parameters of the festival but he thought I was interesting enough to merit a spot so he asked me to perf...

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The Rockula update

It’s been about 4 months since my last update and my life has been a tumultuous one indeed
The biggest news being that I have parted ways with Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs
It was the result of a year long struggle of conflict and compromise that resulted in a stalemate that couldn’t be resolved
To put it simply, my playing style clashed with theirs
I was feeling constrained and they were feeling stretched thin
Or, to quote Mario “Your musical vocabulary is about 3 times the size of what the band can handle”
It happened a couple of weeks ago and, although I have told people the news in public and on social media, I have waited for a bit of distance from the situation so that I may comment upon it with a more balanced view
I can honestly say that this is the first time that I have left a ban...

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