Direct Influence and Conceptual Continuity

I recieved a message from a guy named Vance who says he’s been watching my Theater for the Insane and The Hypnotic Eye uploads
He sent me a link to his new TV show called “Spook Show” and it is pretty good (especially for the 1st episode)

There has been an explosion of DIY video in the last few years but most of it is under the official title of “youtubepoop” and I must say that it lives up to it’s name
Mostly, it is people screwing around with cartoons from their childhood and not showing much imagination
However, this guy Vance is using the same concept that I have embraced and what Zappa called “Conceptual continuity”
Digital editing has made it possible to make video jump around and do tricks for you but that’s not enough in my opinion
The real trick is to play “connect the dots” with your viewer by providing the dots and letting the viewer connect them for themselves

My TV show is pretty much a hobby and a pressure valve for my extraneous ideas but it still feels good when someone recognizes and emulates you

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