getting ready for busking tomorrow

I re-engineered the electronic kit by adding a longer rack tube and re-positioning the bass drum pad so it does not move
I also decided to use the spikes as crash/chyna and moved the SPDS around a little bit to compensate for the pad that triggers poorly
The kit proved to be very compact with out the acoustic snare, so I added it too
I did not use a backpack last time , so I may be able to make room by putting small objects on my back
There also needs to be a re-thinking of the way I tie the speaker to the rack
It was all falling off every 30 seconds and irritating the shit out of me

I have loaded some noise stuff onto the Zune and plan to use it during the performance tomorrow
Hopefully it will not rain
There is a concert on Peavey Plaza and hopefully, I can get as close as possible to the action

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