observation # 82n lip service

There are all types of things people have said to me to make me feel better
Be it a failure with my music, rejection from a girl or setback in life, the sentiments I would get from people seemed more like a pat on the head
Of course, people meant well but I usually took it as them trying to say something so that they could feel better about saying something
It almost never used to comfort me but I understood the sentiment
Most of the time, I would rather have somene help me with the situation but that is not realistic and rarely can anyone help you with your problems

Now I know that it is my own hostility that colors my perception of what other’s words mean to me
It is also helping me to consider advice from people when I don’t like the solution
I have reversed my opinon on several things lately and have felt a new surge of momentum because of it

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  • April  says:

    Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.

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