point of reflection

I am coming up on a point where I will need to sit back for a moment and reflect on the recent events in my life
Even better, I am going to see my therapist today to give her a list of all the things I have accomplished since I started seeing her

Once the gig is over, I need to look at what’s next in my life
My whole existance has been consumed by this gig and, although I have managed to keep on ahead of bill like rent and insurance etc… I have not made any other solid plans for my life
Not only that, but I will be searching for a new job now that the campaign at Orchestra hall is over
The new company is very likely to pick me up but I have to be ready for the eventuality that they may not

This will be a very important and positive point in my life where I have the luxury of pausing and dissecting the possible future directions that I will take with my life

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