Preliminary episode of the new series “Rockula Retrospective”

I am making my first forays into the Review/Retrospective genre with “Rockula Retrospective”
Since it’s Halloween, I thought I would condense edit the 1986 MTV Elvira Halloween Special and give a short review
Consider this a “preliminary episode”
There is a big fascination for rescuing VHS tapes from obscurity nowadays so I thought I would feature one of my oldest an most played tapes
This tape is a Halloween tradition of mine and I play it every year (along with 45 Grave’s “Autopsy”)
There are quite a few MTV compilations on Youtube and I thought I would follow the example of those who kept the host segments and/or commercials and condensed the videos
I intend to do the same with my other MTV Guest VJ recordings

The camera I used is old, the mic is not good and the dialogue is wooden
I have to admit that I rushed this one out in order to post it for Halloween
I expect things to improve quickly with better sound and a better camera in the future as well as a more fluid delivery in the future
Look for all kinds of subjects in upcoming episodes of Rockula Retrospective

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