R.I.P. Zildjian Power Smash

I bought this 18″ Zildjian “Z” Power Smash back in 2000 and have used it primarily for an in-between china/trashy crash-ride application
I played it bell up and it yeilded a ton of different textures
Lately, I have used it for Mass Torment because my other chinas were just too trashy
However, I just cracked it and am bummed
You served me well Z Power Smash and you lived a long productive life (especially for one of my cymbals)
Sorry to see you go
May the equipment gods treat you well in music gear heaven
Now, if someone would just buy me a new cymbal, that would be great
I have always wanted a Paiste Novo China
I’d like mine in 20″ please

One comment to R.I.P. Zildjian Power Smash

  • April  says:

    Bummer on breaking your Power Smash. I just picked up a 20″ on eBay. Haven’t played it yet…will take it home today and give it a try.

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