Rockulaproductions update September 2013

I have finally gotten this site back into shape and am ready to tell you about all the new things that are happening at Rockulaproductions. Please check out the new page for Countrockula’s Theater for the Insane. I am currently playing drums for the band GIRL who will be playing about once a month. The plans for PyroPlasticFlow have been modified. I will be collaborating with Meat Pie on a new version that can adapt to situations such as conventions and theme oriented events. We hope to have something out by the Halloween season. In Video/DJ news, I am currently appearing monthly for Dropitindeep Productions and am very happy with the freedom they allow me and the courtesy they show. Speaking of Halloween and Video/Dj-ing… I am currently booking all types of Halloween events from Kid Friendly to Adults only. I have a full DJ setup and PA available and can do almost any size. Lots of things on the horizeon. Hope to see you out there!

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