Saloon Playlist 10/11/2010

People kept leaving when I played heavier stuff so I chilled out tonight. Funny thing is that they have been listening to Zappa all night and were none the wiser
Here’s the playlist:

Muffin Man-Frank Zappa
Within- Neurosis
Minions- Course of Empire
Bernie Sticky- Ed Hall
Tension- Halls of the Machine
Zebulon- Einsturzende Neubauten
Filthy Habits- Frank Zappa
Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Melancholy Serenade- Sleazy Mancini
Shadow of Love- The Damned
Garden of Serenity- The Ramones
A Small Victory- Faith No More
Love is a Stranger- Eurythmics
I’m Deranged- David Bowie/Lost highway Soundtrack
The Ballad of Maxwell Demon- Shudder to Think
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth- Meat Loaf
Teo Torriatte- Queen
Type Ecco System- Melt Banana
Smell the Secrets- Zillatron Lord of the Harvest
Collision- Buckethead
Packard Goose/Watermelon in Easter Hay/King Kong Variations- Frank Zappa

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