Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010

After a few weeks rest from the Halloween season, I decided that the Combichrist afterparty would be a good time to come back
There was decent attendance and my playlist was all over the place
See if you can guess what songs Ether requested

Saloon Playlist 11/15/2010
Gnomes- Ed Hall
Halo Of Flies- Alice Cooper
Eve Of War- Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds
Buttobase! (all through the night) – Guitar Wolf (muic video)
Natural Science- Rush
Outshined- Soundgarden
Hang me Twice- Sirens of Titan
Free For All (Live from Hammersmith)-Ted Nugent
Over The Mountain- Ozzy Osbourne
B Boy Bouillabaisse- Beatie Boys
Loco El En Coco- Cypress Hill
Alle Gegen Alle- Laibach
Rammstein- Rammstein
Apple of Sodom- Marylin Manson
Ant Music- Adam Ant
The Information- Course Of Empire
Friend- Ugly Mus-Tard
Children of the Sun-Billy Thorpe
The Dream Police- Cheap Trick
Do You feel like We Do- Peter Frampton
Debra Kedabra- Zappa/Captain Beefheart
I Ran- Flock Of Seagulls
Happiness in Slavery- NIN

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