Saloon playlist 6 14 2010

The Sore Losers-Jack Taylor Experience

Invader Ace- guitar Wolf

Hoodlum AD- Mick Collins

Cretin Hop, Rockaway beach, Sheena is a Punk Rocker-Ramones

Jet Generation, All though the night (buttobase)- Guitar Wolf

Too fast For Love- Motley Crue

Uncontrollable Urge- Devo

KISS- Acrobat

Son and Daughter- Queen

Rusty Cage- Soundgarden

Lookin’ for a Handout- Hash Palace

Rock N Roll is Straight from Hell- Unknown Hinson

We’re Desperate- X

Car Crash- The Voodo Organist

No Fun- The Stooges

I Got My Ascot n’ My Dickie, Little Lord Fauntleroy- Upper Crust

Saloon- Lolita 18

Pachuco Cadaver, When Big Joan Sets Up- Captain beefheart

Oh No That’s Too Bad, My Shadow in Vain,Basic J- Gary Numan

More Trouble Every Day- Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention

Beat On The Brat,, 53rd and 3rd Surfin’ Bird- Ramones

Under The God- Tin Machine

The Jean Genie- David Bowie

Slap Your Mammy- Devo

Vampira- Misfits

Christine Sixteen- KISS

UFO Romantics, Roaring Blood, Sky Star Jet- Guitar Wolf

Go Go Goliatha- ’68 Comeback

Whit Strpes- Icky Thump

Helter Skelter- The Beatles

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