saloon playlist 8/9/2010

I had a great time last night and it seems that pretty much everybody likes The Cars
I took a lot of requests and played some songs that I wouldn’t have chosen but I had a whole night to play with so it was cool
I just got a new projector so I need to start thinking about how to encorporate music video into the set


Hello Again, Shake it up,Just What I Needed- The Cars

Whip It, Workin’ In a Coal Mine- Devo

I Hate Rock n Roll- Spiral Chicken

Eareache My Eye- Cheech and Chong

Shoo Be Doo, Moving in Stereo, Touch and Go- The Cars

Natural Science- Rush

Bakabatka- Superjunkymonkey

Psycho Therapy, we’re A Happy Family- Ramones

Let the Good Times Roll, Panorama, Since You’re Gone- The Cars

The dream Police- Cheap Trick

Jimmy James- The Beastie Boys

Sum Dum Munkey- Fu Schnickens

Dumb All Over- Frank Zappa

The Need Machine- Foetus

Diamonds and Rust, Green Manalishi- Judas Priest

Dangerous Type, My Best Friend’s Girl, My Best Friend’s Girl, Magic, Don’t Cha Stop, Misfit Kid, Tonight She Comes, You Might Think- The Cars

Children of the Sun- Billy Thorpe

One comment to saloon playlist 8/9/2010

  • Sherri - your lovely sister  says:

    Dream Police? tsk tsk I guess is better than The Flame! lol Next time, play Surrender for me, then you can play She Tight for yourself.

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