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Giant burst of creative energy

Saturday night was fun because I borrowed Trey’s lights and did a video shoot involving the Molecues in rm 14 (the drum riser room)
The room was going to be used the next day so I cleared the whole thing out
I thought I was going to have a busy Sunday but the ice storm took care of that
This meant that I had all day to set up the drum riser room to shoot some drum cover videos
The day was progressing well and it took a couple of hours to set up the mics, digital recorder and cameras
Then I decided to change the Bowling Ball kit for the Molecules
This added more time to my setup and I was curious to see how long my emotional energy would last
There’s not so much a physical fatigue issue but I get distracted or discouraged easily so I usually end up not finishing something
The Molecules wer...

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The Rockula Update- A small slice of Validation

I was making final preparations for the San Antonio Loop Festival and my anxiety was creating reasons why I shouldn’t be going
First and foremost is money
I was literally spending money I didn’t have with a zero balance in my bank and a credit card
It is very lucky that my sister has allowed me to use her Mini Cooper for the trip because my other option is a van with terrible mileage
There was no guarantee of any kind of pay and I don’t have any kind of merch to sell
I was not even sure if I would have a place to stay

So why did I go?

I contacted Noah Peterson who ran the SA Loop fest and asked him to consider me
He wrote back that I wasn’t exactly conforming to the official parameters of the festival but he thought I was interesting enough to merit a spot so he asked me to perf...

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