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The Ramone bass Video session July-2017

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The Ramone Bass Video Tracks 7/17

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The Next Step in the The Ramone Evolution

My next show will be in a few days at 3 Links in Deep Ellum (I go on first!) and I plan to present a new stage show
Up until this point, I have pretty much played it straight and crammed as many songs as I could into my set
That worked when I was always going to play a quick set but I am planning for slots that are going to be 45 minutes to 3 hours so I need to learn how to inject some variety into the show
Not only that but I also need to use my video editing ideas to create a hybrid that is part Rock Band and part Musical Theater
I was trying to figure out the word that describes my concept and my friend Laura said “Revue” and that’s exactly what kind of show I want to build
There are plenty of strict interpretation tribute bands out there and I do realize that being solo is a novelty fo...

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The 2nd Wave of The Ramone Drum Tracks

After the tedious, repetitive and laborious process of getting the lights just right for the green screen, I have finally been able to lay down drum tracks onto a multi-track

Props to Meatpie and Alan for helping me with compression settings

I have chosen roughly 100 Ramones songs from the catalog leading up to Acid Eaters (since I have only listened to Adios Amigos once and don’t really care for it)
The first 30 have been recorded over the past 2 consecutive evenings
So far, I have relied on playing by memory and keeping time to a click
I can pat myself on the back for that one but keep in mind that I chose to record the material that is on both The Ramone and Sedated’s setlist
I have played and rehearsed these songs so many times that I can (& have) played them by memory
Mostly because...

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THE RAMONE’s First gig

I came up with the idea of THE RAMONE basically out of necessity and a lot of resentment towards other musicians as well as the music loving public
It started as a joke, saying to myself, “What’s the most arrogant thing I can do as a musician to tell people I am sick of waiting on everyone to catch up?”
It was a way to say “Fuck all of you musicians don’t want to be in my band or have me in your band, so I will just create one myself”
My outlook has changed considerably since then but the basic idea stuck in my head
The next step was to figure out the “easiest” way to start the ball rolling
Since I started playing guitar and bass by listening to The Ramones, then I would create my own tribute band by myself
It took me about 4 months to get to my first show and here is the s...

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