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The Resurrection of The Hypnotic Eye Pt 1

I have made money off my video endeavors but you can hardly call it a living
A good deal of the time I spent editing video was for the sheer enjoyment of manipulating the footage and watching the chaos in my head take shape on the screen
Artistic gratification isn’t ever enough for me, I need to affect change on my environment
As an artist, my tools are those of expression rather than those of direct speech or action
My influence on culture is to expose lesser known ideas and/or sensibilities to those who have not chosen to investigate on their own
There is one particular seed that I have been nursing since the mid 90’s when i first got the video bug
The Hypnotic Eye is the starting point when I became aware of the power of multi-media and started thinking towards the rapidly approaching n...

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Moon Tunes

William had decided to move back to Minneapolis so I crashed at my sister’s house in Mc Kinney
I was there a couple of months when Darren from Voytek told me of this D.I.Y warehouse just south of downtown at Cockrell Ave and Lamar St
They had a room available and it was cheap

The last time I was in that area (before it became “Southside”) was when the Sex Pistols played at Dallas Music Complex but what I didn’t remember at the time was that I had been there when it was a place called “Dune Buggy Headquarters”
On that night, I watched the Austin band “Crust” perform for the first time
They had diapers on and had filled them with worm dirt from a bait shop
As they performed, the worms would fall out of the diapers
They finished by dropping their diapers and lighting their pubic hair on fire

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Recap of recent Video/DJ gigs

I was advised to back away from PyroPlasticFlow for a bit in order to get a new perspective on things
Video has always been a close second in my life so I decided to start actively seeking Video/DJ gigs
After the last few months, I can honestly say that musicians and DJs are no different when it comes to the level of acceptance
And, just like there are a million jealous, competative hack bands out there, so are there DJs
Club owners are still all the same (for the most part)

My initial gig was doing “Modern Retro” for Desi Rae at the Fallout
I decided that the Halloween season would be best for me to spread myself around so I started scouting places to do my stuff
Jow Virus gave me a pretty solid yes but held me at arm’s length for a fair amount of time (that’s just the way dealing with th...

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