the final run-through

Went to Marko’s today and set up the whole performance
I had everything mapped out and in the right order
The volume spiking problem was fixed and I had every video just the right length
My physical chops are not so great but that is ok because I will have penty of warming up excercises between now and then
I was able to make it through the set twice
Even though I have simplified things, there are still a ton of things to keep straight
Luckily, my set is so chaotic and freeform that no one will notice too much
I begrudgingly have to use 5A sticks because the others are just too heavy right now
I don’t like the tiny bead of a 5A and miss the big marble nylon tip of my 3As
These sticks will work out just fine because I am not playing a lot of intricate stuff on the ride
The Quick Beat hi hats will have no problem with stick definition
That is why I love them so much

I am going to still practice my transitions and electronic parts etc…. but I cannot really play a full set with the drums until the day of the show

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