The Ramone EPK

Rocky The Ramone uses modern technology to perform all of the instruments at once in a unique tribute band format. The show focuses on the impact of the band on pop culture mixed with an emphasis on audience participation. There is a standard rock show stage format as well as “Live Ramones Karaoke”. The Ramone is a great choice when you need a high energy, positive show that easily fits into any situation.

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* Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL with individual 1/4 ” outputs (balanced)
Track Listing
1- Bass Drum
2- Snare
3- Toms
4- Hi Hat
5- Overhead
6- Bass Guitar
7- Backing vocal tracks + Misc percussion/Sound Effects
8- Guitar
Backing tracks can also be sent as 2 track (for smaller systems) as Hi/Low frequency separated channels (i.e. bass guitar, toms & kick in one side – cymbals, vocals & snare other side)

* Guitar and modeling pedal (1/4 ” output)
* Vocal processor (XLR output)
* 4 channel XLR direct box- This means that I will need 5 more 1/4 to XLR direct channels (total 9)
*Powered speaker for personal monitoring and guitar feedback
I will provide a video projector & screen and can also tap into the house video system
The entire performance can fit reasonably into a 10′ x 8′ space