UFOFU Retrospective

1993 was a great time in Deep Ellum because you could walk into a club and see a band like UFOFU
This was a time when alternative music was about to be splintered into a million sub fragments
The largest fragment being grunge
But for a while, there were bands like UFOFU who were exploring different types of alternative music
Most importantly, they were exploring progressive angles without sounding like pretentious Math Rock
I bought their tape and was started playing along with it on the drums
I went to lots of shows and became very familiar with the band
Joe Butcher was a smart ass that I could count on for some good verbal sparring (my favorite moment was the look on his face when I suggested he start a side project called “The Joe Butcher Axis”
Brandon and i talked alot about music in general but I identified most with Ben on a musical level
Ben was a real good drummer, wrote really tasteful drum parts and was left handed

UFOFU came along at a time when I was searching for more subtle forms of progressive music
I didn’t really care much for the more famous projects that they became involved in but I am glad they achieved what they did
Ben Curtis recently died and I wanted to write about the impact that one band that didn’t do very much had on me
UFOFU is a mere footnote to these people’s careers and yet their limited existence had a large impact on me

Here is a playlist of songs from my 1993/94 cassette

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