When I was a kid I….

Originally posted on 2/7/2010
When I was a kid I….
-believed in god (and in santa claus too)
-worshipped KISS (I was gene or ace every haloween)
-was afraid of getting leprosy (after seeing a movie with lepers in it)
-wanted to be either a comedian or a rock star (and became neither or both)
-quit stealing when I got caught at the winn dixie (I gave them a fake address but, like a dumb ass, I gave them my real name)
-liked girls before any of my friends (never needed a cootie shot)
-was the hardest kid to tackle in “smeer the queer” (quit football when it became too serious)
-saw star wars when it came out (had star wars toys that would be worth a lot right now)
-looked forward to each saturday morning (sid and marty kroft muthafuckas!)
-got beat up very seldom (george tonroy and robbie gokey)
-made audio tapes with my friends (creating delay with two of the same record and multi tracking with several tape recorders)
-dreamed of having a huge drumkit (made models of them out of rolled paper and toothpicks)
-wanted to learn karate (hong kong phooey!)
-worshipped Evel Kenivel (surprised I didn’t break my fucking neck on my bike)
-dreamed more about being famous than rich

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